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One of the most common questions I get asked is, “How do I become successful?” Success is measured in many ways, but I define it as achieving what you set out to do. 

Everybody says they want success, but the sad truth is they aren’t willing to do anything about it. 

Successful people have a playbook, a plan that they live by. They wake up early, plan their day with intent, act proactively — as opposed to reactively — and are crazy relentless. They don’t even consider things not working out. They believe it will happen and FORCE it to happen.

The good news is that you can learn and build these attributes to make serious, drastic changes and improvements. The first step? Wake up early. If you can’t do that, then you don’t want it – plain and simple. Getting up early sets you apart. It creates momentum and puts you in an unstoppable place both mentally and physically. When your only focus is on winning the day, the first step is to get up and get going, no matter how tired or discouraged you feel. The rest is easy. After you win the day, you can win the week, the month, the year. 

If you’re concerned about a lack of sleep, well, yes, you do need plenty of sleep. So put down the device and the remote and start getting to bed earlier. You’re wasting time and energy on things that don’t matter. Successful people don’t waste time. They are purposeful with what they are doing and everything works toward achieving the goal. People complain about not having enough time, but the reality is that they’re not creating time. It’s a total BS excuse. Everyone has time, but few make time. Be the kind of person who MAKES time.

You have one life. How DARE you not make the most of it!

So are you willing to put in the effort? Most people aren’t. They say they’ll get to it “later” or “tomorrow.” Nobody ever does anything great “tomorrow.” They do it now.

If you really want to change in 2020, start by simply waking up early. If you stick with it consistently for a month, momentum will build in other parts of your life.

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