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A few weeks ago I was in New York City doing a few podcasts around town. I got an urgent call about a deal we had in place that was on the verge of breaking down. After speaking to the chairman, the chances of the deal happening hit a low point. In all honesty, I wasn’t happy with how my team, or I, had handled it. 

I took a few minutes to think. Then I started calling my lawyers to figure out what exactly happened and how to resolve it. I then called the other sides’ lawyers and connected them with mine to smooth it out. I was on the phone for about 30-40 minutes dealing with 10 different people. Eventually we straightened it out and salvaged the deal.

The point? Things in life will rarely go your way. If you’re running a business, they seem to never go your way. But when shit hits the fan, you have two choices: Sit there and sulk or take action and try to fix it. At the end of the day, you want to go to bed knowing you squeezed everything you could out of the last 24 hours. When you know you could have squeezed more out of the day, it creates regret.

So take action. Hustle. Don’t whine. Get shit done. Nobody cares, and complaining gets you nowhere.

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