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To get 100 million people healthy and off the couch (only 95 million to go), get Obstacle Racing recognized as an Olympic Sport and to guide my kids to be badass, productive, and happy for when they are out on their own.


Joe De Sena – the founder and CEO of Spartan, the world’s leading obstacle racing company – has demonstrated his entrepreneurial drive since his pre-teens. From selling fireworks at age eight, to building a multimillion-dollar pool business in college, to creating a Wall Street trading firm, and now the world’s fastest growing sports movement, De Sena is a living definition of the word entrepreneur.



Joe De Sena designed the Spartan races to test overall conditioning: strength, flexibility, endurance, and speed. His signature take-no-prisoners approach to achieving physical and mental fitness has inspired millions.


Twenty-six point two miles isn’t enough anymore. Obstacle course racing, which combines the endurance challenges of a marathon with the mind-bending rigors of overcoming obstacles along the way, is taking the world by storm.


700 acres in the center of Vermont covered in mountain bike and hiking trails. Home of the infamous Death Race founded by Joe along with his General Store and its famous from the farm menu. Joe invites people from all over the world to come to the farm and work, play, team build, and train. It is no secret that its not exactly like hanging at the beach, but it has been known to reintroduce a person to themself.

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