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Time is money. Stop wasting it.

You’re on your fourth cup of coffee, head pounding from client emails, staring at your computer screen with tired eyes in the third meeting of the afternoon. Just another day at the office, right? I talk about ripping people off the couch, but I’m equally invested in...

Why it pays to have an audience

We’ve all been there. You’re outside going for a quick 3 mile run and suddenly someone passes you and you start using their pace as yours. You keep following them, and the next thing you know, you’ve gone 10 miles further and still have to turn around to get back...

The Importance of Small Wins

People who know me understand that I have big goals and huge ambitions. I’m never done pushing to get the next win. My eyes are on the prize—as a business owner, as a fitness freak, and as a husband and father.   But big wins—those massive moments of success—don’t...

Joe De Sena’s Daily Exercise Routine

I’m religious about my workout. Every morning I wake up around 4:45 a.m., drink a few room-temperature glasses of water, and get right to work on my 15 daily exercises. I do fifty reps minimum of each, but if you only start out at ten or twenty, that’s fine too. The...

Alternatives to Office Nap Rooms: 4 Healthier Options

Offices and work environments have evolved. Forget the fluorescent lighting, cubicles, and vending machines—things are different now.   Offices are more open, seating options are endless, and many modern workplaces have amenities like on-site gyms, a selection of...

Practice. But Make it Deliberate.

I’ve always been honest about the initial Spartan launch—my team and I didn’t write an in-depth business plan or make assumptions about what the company would look like in a few weeks, months, or years. Instead, we just got to work. We put in long hours. We reached...

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