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You probably think the holidays are a time for rest, relaxation, and indulgence. Maybe you’re planning to take a few days off from your workout routine, eat some Christmas cookies, and binge holiday movies on Amazon Prime.

Forget it. Spartans don’t get soft during the holidays.

Think about Santa. That dude is a beast. He lives in the frigid, punishing North Pole. He works all night long on Christmas Eve. He squeezes down your chimney carrying a heavy sack of presents. He travels all over the world.

But Santa doesn’t REST on Christmas day. He doesn’t take the week between Christmas and New Year’s off.

He puts the reindeer away, cleans up his workshop, and starts prepping his list for next year. He DOES. NOT. STOP.

So, get off the couch. Put down the cookie. Stop drinking the eggnog. And focus in on your goals. If you have time off of work, use it to align with your True North and get ready for the year ahead.

I’m wishing you all an active and energizing holiday.

Get after it,


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