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I recently asked on Instagram, “What is your 2020 goal?” It has about 500 comments at the moment. At the end of 2020 I will go back to every single comment and ask if the person got it done or not but I know the answer…

I want people to commit publicly. I always say that if you want to do something, you must commit to people that matter. People you would be embarrassed to let down. Once it’s out in the universe and people hear it, you will most likely do the work…

People used to quit during the Death Race I host in Vermont publicly, it was a big problem and a waste of my time. Sure, the race is hard, but it’s not impossible. I had to come up with a solution to stop the quitting, so I made every participant get an article published in their local paper saying they would finish. The result? People stopped quitting in droves. Committing publicly puts weight behind the challenge. 

With the new year coming up, and with all of the talk about “resolutions,” I want you to commit to your goals by publicly saying them. Then create an actionable list detailing how you’ll get them done. Be as specific as possible. 

I do the same thing. I commit publicly to my goals. Here are a few at the top of my list for 2020:

1. Run a six-minute mile.

2. Do 1,000 burpees in an hour.

3. Keep my family healthy and happy.

4. Go on a great trip with my family, and NOT use devices!

5. 365 days of cold showers. 

6. Double the size of Spartan.

7. Have my wife tell me I did a good job as her husband in 2020.

Now put pen to paper, write your goals down and say them out loud. If you want in on the action, go to my Instagram post and comment so I can follow up at the end of 2020.

Remember: If you make the commitment, you BETTER come through.

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